Project on Spatial Sciences began with a series of conversations between a group of students and faculty at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.  In the Winter of 2010, the students looked to Dean Mohsen Mostafavi and Professor David Edwards for advice with launching their initiative.  Several weeks later, a partnership with the Laboratory at Harvard was made and Project on Spatial Sciences was born.


Outside/In grew out of a collaboration between Women in Design, Trays Journal, and Project on Spatial Sciences as a supplement to the Inside/Out Conference on Gender and Space, hosted by the Radcliffe Institute in April 2010.

A limited-run pamphlet-zine publication, Outside/In includes essays and projects representing a current body of student work at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design that provides a commentary on the state and role of gender in design education, the design professions, and the social spaces of the city.


February 2010

April 2010

Project on Spatial Sciences participated in The Laboratory at Harvard’s Fall of 2010 Opening Celebration as spatial design consultants.  Spatially conventional aspects of the exhibition night were re-designed as installation-experiments.  Project on Spatial Sciences enabled visitors to spatially consume taste, smell, and knowledge from an affective, and educational experience.  By operating through multi-sensorial media, the design for the Lab’s public evening encourages satellite discussion, spatially distributes  knowledge, and studies the effect of space on input models.

October 2010